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YASBABY is a worldwide recognized brand of innovative adult products. Its products have been sold to more than 70 countries and areas worldwide and now it’s one of the fastest growing companies in Adult Toy industry.

The products of YASBABY received RED DOT awards from Germany, IF awards and Golden Pin Design Awards from TaiWan. In 2015, YASBABY received “Most Innovative Company 2015 ” award from Erofame and was appraised by SIGN magazine as “ Best Toy Technology 2015 “. In Aug of 2017, YASBABY  won “ The Luxurious Toy Line of The Year “ from HongKong AEE. 

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Which Sexual posture do you like best?

During the process of sex, woman's sexy dress will make men unable to hold body. If men wants to let his woman reach orgasm quickly, the sexual posture will be more exciting than the foreplay of sex. Let's take a look at the sexual posture

Women is wonderful pretty during sexing!

Men's sex is concentrated in making love. Once they have strong sexual desires

4 G-spots of climax for women

Stimulate G-spot and go to Heaven with women.Where is the G-spotG-spot is 5 to 7 inch in front of the vagina. When the female is in the upper position, the male picks up the buttocks and push the penis into the female vagina. At this time, men can meet the female G-spot, and the female has the initiative to control sex. Find the right position and frequency of action, plus the G-spot to get the right stimulus, the climax should be not far away.