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4 G-spots of climax for women

Andy Hu

Posted on November 08 2018

4 G-spots of climax for women
4 G-spot of climax for women
1. Stimulate G-spot and go to Heaven with women.
Where is the G-spot? G-spot is 5 to 7 inch in front of the vagina. When the female is in the upper position, the male picks up the buttocks and push the penis into the female vagina. At this time, men can meet the female G-spot, and the female has the initiative to control sex. Find the right position and frequency of action, plus the G-spot to get the right stimulus, the climax should be not far away.
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2. Stimulate C point, let women climax. Point C is the clitoris. According to the survey, 99% of women are directly sexually savvy with men. It is difficult to get orgasm without any touch. When they touch the clitoris, most women can reach different degrees of climax. The time to enter the high tide period is very short. Therefore, when men and women are making love, men should not only want to make women comfortable in their movements, but also constantly caress women's clitoris by hand, so that women can quickly reach orgasm.3D Realistic Vagina
3. Stimulate female point A, an alternative climax point. Point A is in the middle of the clitoris and cervix. Many men know that touching the clitoris to hit G-spot, but ignores the importance of point A. It can stimulate point A by directly touching the stimulus and indirectly rubbing the vagina. In sexual intercourse, women try to sit on the edge of the bed, let the male enter from the front, try to stimulate the effect of point A, maybe there will be unexpected gains.
4. Stimulate the U point and enjoy the pleasure of jetting. The U point is only 2.5 inch away from the vaginal door, so it is often confused with the G point. Sometimes when a woman is touched at a certain point, she has the feeling of wanting to pee. That is, the U point is stimulated, and the feeling of urinating is generated. In fact, like male ejaculation, when the movement stops, the feeling of urination disappears, but When the stimulation continues, there will be a liquid squirting out, not the real urine. If you can match the stimulation of point C at the same time, the effect is better.
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