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Good tips about Sex Toys

Andy Hu

Posted on November 13 2018

Good tips about Sex Toys

Good tips about Sex Toys

Note 1: Note on purchase

1.The size and function of the sex toys must be suitable for yourself when you purchasing. You can't buy it as some products are discounted, such as the brand's sex toys are suitable for under 20 years old, so it's important to choose one that suits you.

G-string, big

2, when buying sex toys, you can't just seek excitement or cheap, ignoring the importance of the material, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents due to the quality of sex toys or damage your and your partner's body. For example,using male cock ring for long time once can lead cell necrosis and prostate disease. In addition, the poor quality of the massage VIBRATOR or the male cock ring is easy breakage or falling off. Therefore, when shopping, you must think about it in a multitude of ways, so you don't have to be self-defeating!

Hot vibrating remote control love

Note 2: Notes on the using process

1. Open the sex toys you just bought, read the product manual first, understand the usage and precautions, you must understand whether the item is waterproof or manual, and how to use it especially for the sex toys that enter the body.

Double ends male

2, Using sex toys when the body is in good condition.It is recommended not to use when the body is in a bad state, such as illness, cold, staying up late, local pain, bad mood... .Do not force yourself, follow the body's feelings. Using sex toys is just a modification of the couple's life.

Note 3: With the use of lubricating oil when you use the sex toys.

such as the use of couples sex toys for a long time,It will cause excessive swelling and even seriously endanger health which is caused by excessive friction of men and women organs, inflammation. Using lubricants can best solve this problem by effectively reducing friction, so that you can enjoy sex pleasure for a long time without worrying about reproductive health.

Note 4: Precautions for the cleaning process

Since most sex toys are contact with Sexual organ directly, you must take care of cleaning. If it is not a one time sex toy, it should be cleaned after each use. If it is a silicone sex toys, it should be dried naturally after cleaning in warm water below 80 °C. The sex toys that enter the body should be matched with condoms using.

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