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Most Common Sex Fetishes

Andy Hu

Posted on September 11 2018

Most Common Sex Fetishes

This was the first major survey on the preferred unusual sexual stimuli directly related to the fetishes that people have. These data contrast and shed light on the fact that most of the sexual preferences are directly related to the human body (being the first one within this category the feet) or with objects experienced in close association with the body (for example, garments of wear).
Although they are data of purely observational nature, it allows to have a clearer idea within an area that needs a lot of investigation and clarification since the tastes vary a lot depending on individuals.

Nearly 70% of all the groups interviewed (273 of 381) were assigned to only one category. Most sexual preferences seem to involve parts or features of the body and objects usually associated with the body. Within this category, the preference for feet wins by a big difference, so we can affirm that the most common fetish is directly related to feet and socks (47%, being 9% the second most voted category).


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