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Sex toys selection tips! Women can get climax by themselves!

Andy Hu

Posted on November 15 2018

Sex toys selection tips!  Women can get climax by themselves!
Sex toys selection tips! Women can get climax by themselves!
Although sex toys are "good friends" with people, beginners should pay attention to some problems when purchasing.  Material of sex toys is very important. It is best to choose a reputable Brands, like "YASBABY" .Some Japanese well-known products are the best and most selective. The love egg is no longer like a traditional egg-hopping, especially love eggs from YASBABY. Love eggs from YASBABY like a work of art. Even if it is accidentally placed on the table, it will not be discovered as a sex toy by others. 

In particular, the current sex toys are made of medical silicone. Unlike the traditional plastics used in the past, the plasticis hardness. It is not only badly touched, but also may cause damage if it is accidentally. The medical silicone is soft and feels like the human body, and now it is currently used in rechargeable electric wave, so there is no danger of electric leakage. It is more comfortable to use and more artificial. Not only women can use LOVE EGGS or massage vibrator, but also artificial silicone vagina masturbator is used by men.
Love egg from YASBABY
Beginner level sex toysvibrating love egg that can stimulates the vulva
Ding Guolin, a well-known female artist in Taiwanese opera, has no sexual partners, but she is very bold and said that "Using love egg is enough sex for me", but YASBABY said, "using love eggs is not enough!"  Because normal love eggs usually only satisfy the irritability of the genital area, it is better to have a product that can be inserted into the vagina for piston movement , so that the vagina can be fully moisturized, which can help maintain the reproductive tract and the local urinary tract.
YASBABY suggested that the Beginner level sex toys is best vibrating love egg of YASBABY Mall. The vibrating love eggs of YASBABY can be inserted into the vagina, Like "DORIS love egg AND REGGIE love egg from YASBABY MALL". 
love eggs of YASBABY

It is the reason for choosing the vibrating love egg is many people using the massage stick put into the vagina at the beginning of using sex toys, it may not be enough to have enough sexual fantasies to satisfy the piston action. It can stimulate the vibrating egg in the genital area such as the clitoris. It can make the idea compare the sexual stimulation of "foucs" in the clitoris, and the new type of jumping egg can not only stimulate the vulva, but also stimulate other sensitive parts such as the breast and the body.
Vibrating love egg of YASBABY
Advanced section: Sex vibrator that promotes vaginal contraction
The second choice of sex toys is vibrator, especially vibrators from YASBABY Mall. The vibrators  also have different sizes. The best vibrator is a large traditional big head massage stick. Like "Mini Emma, Super Powerful flexible vibrating Mini Massage Wand Vibrator from YASBABY Mall"
Mini Emma has many segments to choose from, and the strength is very good. The sense of touch, feel and adjustment speed of the neurosensory person are also very good. In her advanced training course for advanced treatment in the United States, internationally renowned sex therapists use this traditional large-head massage sticks to guide the understanding of orgasm. This is a massage stick that is very suitable for getting started.
Big head vibrator from YASBABY Mall
The massage stick is very important for women because it can promote vaginal contraction. When people feel orgasm, the vagina is undergoing contraction training, which is more practical than Kegel exercise, and the vagina is fully moisturized. It can prevent vaginal atrophy and dryness, and the vaginal contraction is more powerful, which also helps prevent ageing urinary leakage problems.
Sex vibrator from YASBABY Mall
anus development sex toy

YASBABY also have anus development sex toy, like anal plugs from YASBABY Mall, but this is not everyone's dare to accept, YASBABY reminds that when you start to use the anal plugs, the entry option is relatively shallow, and then gradually increase the depth according the habit. To be more comfortable to develop.
best anal plugs from YASBABY
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