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Why women call bed when when they are having sex?

Andy Hu

Posted on November 19 2018

Why women call bed when when they are having sex?
Why women call bed when when they are having sex?
 When the men chat,many men always say that his girlfriend or wife is like a dead dog when they make love, not only does not call the bed, but also does not laugh, making him feel very uninterested.  When the ladies chat, they say that they feel pain, psychological and the spirit are very nervous when they first made love, and there is a sense of shame, so they can not feel the joy of sexual intercourse! When they have sex with a lot of men, they start to enjoy the pleasure during sex, they start to call bed crazily.
   Some people have studied from physiology and found that women make a cry during sex for two reasons. The first reason is that the oxygen content in the blood will be reduced when women are getting close to or reaching orgasm. It made woman fall into a slight hypoxia state, with both eyes missing and blurred vision. Then, the body is slightly sloppy, and the snoring of cry comes out immediately. This is a natural reaction of the general female orgasm. It is not a woman's intention to make a response!

  The second reason is that a part of her brain will secrete a sort of excited substance when woman is approaching orgasm during sex! This kind of material can make women exciting , and women are completely in a sense of pleasure, it can make women's rational consciousness blurred, and suddenly there is no deep-rooted feeling of shame in the past.  As women feel unusually stimulating and comfortable in making love, they unconsciously emit a cry that they cannot imagine. 

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