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Women is wonderful pretty during sexing!

Andy Hu

Posted on November 12 2018

Women is wonderful pretty during sexing!
Women is wonderful pretty during sexing!
1. Women pay attention to the overall sense during sexing

Men's sex is concentrated in making love. Once they have strong sexual desires, the biggest and most urgent wish is to make love. In their view, it seems that only sex is the best way to convey emotions, while women are not. Their sexual demands are a whole feeling. Making love is just one of the more important components. Someone said this sentence: "The biggest wish of a woman is to be loved." The connotation of love here goes far beyond sexual intercourse. Husband’s usual behavior and attitude, women's position in her husband’s mind, etc. are all inseparable parts of the whole sex experience.
Therefore, after marriage, the husband’s intentional unintentional indifference, alienation, and hurtful words and deeds will greatly affect the wife’s positive reaction during sexual intercourse. It is important to know that women often associate everything in their lives with each other. Together, this is the overall sense of their sexual love.

2, Women need sexual stimulation

Women often worry that they lose their charm in front of their husbands and lose love. Therefore, the husband's caring and considerate is the best comfort, they can taste sex sweet from the care and thoughtfulness of the husband t, prove that their charm has not disappeared. Therefore, if successful, the husband presents a bunch of flowers; when the loss, the husband gives a comfort; when happy, the husband shares it; when the husband is divided with the sad, then she will give everything to her husband as a reward, they look forward to the shocking moment in their sexual life with their husband.
In addition, sincerely conversation from husband also makes them love for women, which is even more important than sex. A careless husband tends to ignore this. As everyone knows, the conversation before sexual intercourse can stimulate their sexual desire. They hope to feel the husband's love in the tender and sweet words, and the comfortable conversation can strengthen the sexual sharing that comes with it. Especially for women who are busy with working, housework and children, talking with their husbands is a real sexual satisfaction.

3, the position of women's sexual life is supreme

Sexual intercourse is a stimulant in the process of sex. When they get care and caress from their husbands, they will be passionate. At this time, the sexual intercourse is like injecting a stimulant, which will push the hot sex to a climax. Therefore, women often want their husbands to be romantic, gentle or enthusiastic. Hug, touch, and kiss can all accelerate the climax of sexual intercourse. After the climax, men may fall asleep in exhaustion, but women are still unfinished. Because the disappearance of sexual pleasure is slow and steady. Women put sex in the supreme position, they hope to get the husband's continued caress and warmth, as the husband should understand the wife, do not put his wife in loneliness and dream alone.

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