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120/60pcs Premium Condoms for men

Jissbon120/60pcs Premium Condoms for men in YASBABY MALL

$ 30.00 USD

Jissbon 4 in 1 Natural Latex Penis Sleeve Fragrant Condom

  • JISSBON Ultra-thin Sex Series Condom Features:
  • 1.This condom combination is total 120pcs with 24pcs Moist Ultra ThinX2, 12pcs Glossy Ultra ThinX2, 12pcs Ice And Firex2, 12pcs RibbedX2.
  • 2. You can try smooth,ultra-thin and Moist sex experience in condom product.
  • 3. The color is  Pink and Latex color;
  • 4. Condoms is in Orchid, Vanilla, Mint, Lemon flavored;
  • 5. Condoms are Lubricated (Non-spermicidal) with reservoir teat;
  • JISSBON Ultra-thin Sex Series Condom Packing Details:
  • 2pack Condoms(60pcs/pack, 24pcs Moist Ultra Thin + 12pcs Glossy Ultra Thin + 12pcs Ice And Fire + 12pcs Ribbed)
  • JISSBON Ultra-thin Sex Series Condom Confessions:
  • Hi Guys! I am made of ultra thin materials that makes you enjoy double sex feeling with your partner. But please note something, please store me in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. And use me only with water-based lubricants like Jissbon Lube.