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Dotted Condoms

Jissbon Dotted Condom for Men Sexy Latex Dots Pleasure in YASBABY Mall

$ 1,999.00 USD

Jissbon Passion Dotted Condoms for Men Sexy Latex Dots Pleasure Nautural Premium Latex Contraceptive Big Particle Sex Products

Jissbon Passion Dotted Condom Features:
1. Condoms are Made from Natural Premium Latex and Strictly Conform to GB7544 Quality Standard;
2.Condoms  condom surface is large particles
3. Condoms are Lubricated(Non-spermicidal) with reservoir teat;
4.Condoms Packing has a Anti-counterfeit two-dimensional code for Verification the Authenticity of the Product.
Jissbon Passion Dotted Condom Packing Details: 17pcs 26pcs
Jissbon Passion Dotted Condom Confessions:
HI Handsome! My extra large particles can make your love more intense. But until things get hot, please store me in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. And use me only with water-based lubricants like Jissbon Lube.