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Six Sex Condoms

Jissbon Six Sex of ultra-thin series Condoms in YASBABY Mall

$ 25.50 USD

Jissbon Six Sex Condom Penis Sleeve Lubricating Condones Natural Latex Smooth Contraception Erotic Intimate Goods for Couple
JISSBON Ultra thin Condom Features:
1.Combined condoms give you a different feeling
2. The condom is a lubricant (non-spermicide) with a liquid storage tank;
3. The condom is packaged with a security QR code to verify the authenticity of the product.
4.Condoms is made of natural high quality latex and strictly meets the quality standard of GB7544;
Jissbon Glossy ultra thin Condom Packing Details:
3pack Condoms(12pcs Passion Dots and 24pcs Glossy Ultra Thin and 24pcs Alluring Ribs)
JISSBON Ice and Frie Condom Confessions:
Hi Guys!I have added a lot of lubricants to let you and your lover enter and enjoy the fun of wetting. But until things get hot, please store me in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. And use me only with water-based lubricants like Jissbon Lube.