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Ultra Thin Condom

Ultra Thin Condom-Super thinner and smoother condom in YASBABY Mall

$ 20.00 USD


Classic ultra-thin, more sensitive, more intimate!

  • Top selling model
  • Thinner and smoother
  • Ultra-thin process
  • Ultra-thin index: five stars
  • Smooth index:   four stars
  • Sexy index:        four stars
  • Fragrance type: vanilla
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Nominal width: 52mm
  • Packing specification: 12Pcs/pack
  • Color: pink
  • Tips:
  • Under the correct trial, it will help reduce the risk of pregnancy and reduce the risk of certain sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The product is glossy, pink, and vanilla.
  • The seminal vesicle is placed in front of the condom , and the lubricant does not contain spermicide.