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Zero 5-in-1 Ultra-thin & Pleasure condom Pack

Jissbon Zero 5-in-1 Ultra-thin & Pleasure condom Pack in YASBABY Mall

$ 26.00 USD

More than thin

  • The strength and protection of latex with a noticeably thin feeling, you will barely know it’s on.
  • 1. Condoms are Made from Natural Premium Latex and Strictly Conform to GB7544 Quality Standard;
  • 2. Jissbon’s thinnest premium latex condomCondoms
  • 3. Skin-on-skin natural feeling
  • 4. Condoms are Lubricated(Non-spermicidal) with reservoir teat;
  • 5. Condoms Packing has a Anti-counterfeit two-dimensional code for Verification the Authenticity of the Product.
  • Jissbon Zero 5-in-1 Ultra-thin & Pleasure Pack Packing Details:
  • 1pack Condoms: 24pcs/pack  including:
  • 12pcs * Zero Sense Moisture
  • 6pcs * Zero Sense Ultra-Thin
  • 4pcs * Zero Sense  Extra-Lubrication
  • 2pcs * Zero Sense Pure