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ZERO Invisible Ultra Thin condom

ZERO Invisible Ultra Thin condom, Uber-Thin Technology of YASBABY Mall

$ 35.50 USD


Invisible Ultra Thin, Future technology!

  • Japan's Uber-Thin Technology, let you feel 0.03 thinness condom
  • Japan imported, original quality.
  • Ultra Thin Index: five stars
  • Smooth Index:    five stars
  • Sexy Index:         five stars
  • Fragrance type: Rubber
  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Nominal width: 52mm
  • Packing specification: 3Packs Condoms(Total 36pcs, 12pcs/pack)
  • Color: Latex
  • Tips:
  • Under the correct trial, it will help reduce the risk of pregnancy and reduce the risk of certain sexually transmitted diseases.
  • This product is a glossy (ultra-thin), latex primary color.
  • The seminal vesicle is placed in front of the condom , and the lubricant does not contain spermicide